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We​lcome!! My name is Julia Byrnes and I am a Trim Healthy Mama Certified Coach! I am a wife of almost 4 years and mother to two sweet girls!! I have been on and off the trim healthy plan for about 6 years, never fully committing to it. After having my first daughter I lost about 20 lbs and then got pregnant again and fell off the wagon. After having my second daughter I was so tired (literally) and was fed up with always being sick and tired! I’ve lost 20+ lbs and am still losing. Although I haven’t hit my goal weight yet… I’m on my way there and can walk right alongside you on your journey!  I started Healthy Southern Living with a mission to encourage, motivate and guide other "mamas", families, or individuals on this journey to becoming trim, healthy and fit! This is a plan that works and I’d love to help you become a healthier YOU! ❤️