Cherry Limeade GGMS

Updated: Aug 4

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Hi y'all! It's Julia here!

Sometimes I crave that good-ole, (very) SWEET cherry limeade from sonic. So I thought I would try and create that, but at home with all the added yummy benefits of ACV!

Disclaimer: This recipe is super easy but does require the cherry hydrate mix from the trim healthy mama store.

I felt like I was truly drinking a cherry limeade, the only thing I was missing was that yummy ice!

I mix the hydrate with the 8 oz. of water, then add the sweetener and shake well. I then grab my quart jar and add ice to the bottom and put the ACV over the ice, and add the extracts and ginger. The ginger does add a different flavor and gives it a kick so if you would like to omit that is just fine, don't be afraid to try it however. I then pour the hydrate mix over the ice and ACV and then pour the coconut la croix in next. Mix well and enjoy! Don't forget to stir as you sip because the ginger (if added) will settle in the bottom.

Feel free to tweak this as you wish but I have found this to be a staple of mine, especially in the summer.

As sweetener I love the liquid Monk Fruit or the powdered Monk Fruit but you may use any that you prefer.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you try it, don't forget to tag me on instagram @healthysouthernliving.thm or facebook @healthysouthernliving!